LEMURIA REMEMBERED: Accessing the Wisdom of the Ancients July 26-31st2018

Do You Remember?

That moment in time when we were so connected that the Earth would laugh with us as we played in her oceans and blessed her sacred lands with our footsteps…

Do you remember?

The unwavering compassion that streamed through your being as you chose to channel this blissful state of being so others would find their way back home…

I see you. I hear you. I feel you, dear heart. And I know you remember…

You have carried this wisdom in your soul for so long…

It was buried so deep…

That you were only able to feel glimpses of the infinite potential that flows so freely within you…

The potential that is nudging you and reminding you that it is time…

Time to step up and to lead the way…

Time to live your life in perfect balance…

With power and with love…

As you expand your heart center, and embrace your true purpose…

So others can see your light and shine.

If these words feel right…

If you feel called, if you feel drawn to this…

If you feel a deep desire to go home to your soul…

Then you are ready for the most liberating journey of your life.

You are ready to remember who you once were and to embody once again, the ancient wisdom you once knew.

You are ready for LEMURIA REMEMBERED

This is a Gathering about re-awakening who you truly are,

what you are here to contribute and how you can help with the ascension process for every soul.

You will reconnect with the gifts, knowledge and information that was lost- back when you could instantly heal yourself and teleport anywhere on the planet…

When you could move through dimensions, manifest with grace and ease…

When you could do all this and so much more.

Lemuria Remembered will guide you into the inner sanctum of your soul

and reconnect you with all of this wisdom, the knowledge and the potential that is already in you…

We will come together on beautiful Kauai, Hawaii on January 26-31st., 2018

and we will connect you with the Motherland (MU) so you can be nurtured and held in safety and love as you move through the beautiful stages of remembering a time when you existed beyond time and you were completely limitless in your abilities to express divine essence.


Reawaken old connections and make new ones with your long lost soul family. Experience an intensely beautiful connection to the land. Feel the lush Earth beneath your feet and the strong, sacred energy of Lemuria flowing through you.


Receive an initiation into a stream of high vibrational energy that will support you with stepping into your higher potentials.


Activate lost gifts, knowledge, and information from a time when we could use all of our innate abilities. Access Sacred Codes and Keys that are found only in sacred sites on the island. Unlock unique parts of your divine blueprint and utilize the energy of the island to make them reality.


Soak up the Hawaiian sunshine, feeling it’s warmth invigorate your passion for life. Revel in all the island offers you. Feel the softness in the petals as you create beautiful Haku Leis. Admire your ability to bring to life clusters of beauty, and consider the incredible intricacies in each flower design. Connect with your inner feminine goddess energy.

Feel your connection to the island’s energy and allow yourself to be expressed through dance.

 Experience Lemuria Remembered

The retreat is planned in such a way to welcome you home, to reunite
you with your soul family, and teach you how to reconnect with source.


Day 1:
Gathering • Welcoming Ceremony

Experience a traditional Hawaiian Luau with fire dancers, exotic fruit, and new lasting connections.   Feel the weight lift as you are embraced by the island.

Day 2:
Get Grounded • Connect with the Land

Earth healing/ history of Lemuria. Meditation on your lifetime in Lemuria, Connect with Dragon Mo’o Hawaiian energy, Group share, card readings and journaling. Snorkel with the fish, sea turtles, monk seals and whatever other aquatic animals come out to play with us.

Day 3:
Spiritual Awakening

Submerge yourself in an ancient culture. Visit a Kauai Hindu Monastery where the Lemurian scrolls are kept.  Discover an awakening within you among sacred ruins.Enter into the Rudraksha Forest. Meditate under the Circle of Trees. Participate in the Sacred Water Ceremony/Akashic records and Karmic re-patterning.

Day 4:
Day off/Optional Excursions

Explore the island/go to the beach/relax by the pool. Optional active adventure hike to the center of the island (strenuous). Optional private sessions with Katrina and Jeanne done in the center of the island (prices vary).

Day 5:
Sacred Ceremonies/Activations

Travel to the majestic North Shore of the island where Mother Kauai welcomes you into an Ancient Ceremony of birthing the new you. Then experience the dance between the land and the sea as it wipes away your worries and fears.

Day 6:
Moving Forward

Full Moon Initiation / Looking to the future. Staying connected and creating support. Alter gathering with Closing Ceremony.


The Lemuria Remembered is MUCH MORE than Just a Vacation.
Your perspective on everything will have shifted incredibly in the few days you are there. These shifts are brought about by participation in the activities in the itinerary, such as:

Release and Rebirthing Ceremony

In an Ancient Lemurian sacred temple ceremony, you will release the small aspects of your current life to connect with the whole. Experience rebirth into the unconditional love of mother earth & love, pride, and joy from father sky. You are welcomed into a worldwide network of support to help guide you in life and in upleveling the planet through your soul mission. Then, immerse yourself in the water to solidify the rebirth into your physical body.

Connect with the Land

Connect to the energy of Lemuria. Remember the energetic power that once coursed through your ephemeral body & access the wisdom the land offers its ancient guardian. Ground and receive the truth you’ve long forgotten of love, the vibrancy of life, and all of the wonders available to you.

Earth Healing

Ground into the earth and release what is out of vibrational alignment and in the process, help the earth align, as well (you are a natural healer). Help heal the damage caused by mistreatment over time. Expand your energy and reach far across the ocean to other land masses, both current and forgotten. Help heal the planet, transmute any negative energies within yourself, around you, and for the ancients. You are powerful and can innately achieve this.

You will connect with the warrior energy of the Mahalepu! The place where the battles were fought. The place of forgiveness, meditation and healing. Walk the path of the gods unwinding the wounds of the past and moving forward from a place of Love.

Dragon Mo’o Hawaiian Energy

Tap into the transformational and healing qualities of the dragon. To be in alignment with such powerful energy, these majestic creature are strong, big, and incredibly wise. Remember your own strength and wisdom and learn to draw from the Dragon Mo’o Hawaiian Energy to clear, heal, and tap into the abundance.

Meditation in the Circle of Trees

Sit calmly and soak up the sunshine that streams through the circle of rainbow eucalyptus trees. Feel the earth’s energy wash over you as you tap into relaxation, clarity of your soul gifts, and the refreshment the eucalyptus offers.

Clearing & Activating the Akashic Records Ceremony

In activating your remembrance, you will awaken new akashic files in your record. You will bring in new earth templates and higher akashic files to operate completely in the earth’s new energetic frequency.

Sea, Sand and Shell Ceremony

Mother ocean and her sandy shores have seen lifetime after lifetime, and yet she endures, vast and deep, with treasures yet to uncovered. She has the ability to wipe clean and transform anything that encounters her. You will work with mother ocean to wash away negative thought patterns, connect with your depths and vastness, and uncover who you are within.

Full Moon Initiation

The moon has the power to change the tides of the earth and within ourselves, if we allow her to. Step into the moon’s energy and allow her to activate your heart space for integration of everything learned during your time on Kauai.


Powerful Healing vortex in the Center of the Island
(Optional Day 4 Event—$197 per person beyond the retreat investment)

Limited Availability and the hike + ride is for those that are able to complete a more advanced hike. Mount Waiʻaleʻale, the wettest spot on earth, has rainfall upwards of 450 inches a year, resulting in beautiful waterfalls called the “Weeping Wall,” lush greenery, and the clouds seem low enough the grab the ethereal beauty.Mount Waiʻaleʻale is a shield volcano and the second highest point on the island of Kauaʻi in the Hawaiian Islands. Because of this, the center of the island is an incredibly powerful healing vortex. We will be traveling along the river to the halfway point, where there is a triple waterfall called the “Blue hole.” Expect to soak in the islands healing qualities by way of the mud on this hike.

Divine Resonance Funnel™
(Optional Day 4 Event -$555 per person beyond the retreat investment)

Awaken the ancient way of speaking into the universe for instant response to your desires. This sacred activation will restore your remembrance as a creation soul that has the ability to call any and all resources into form! This is a POWERFUL activation that is only now possible, and the decision to partake in it should not be made lightly. It changes the very molecular structures of your universe! Because of this, limited spots are available.

Divine Dolphin Activation™
(Optional Day 4 Event -$555 per person beyond the retreat investment)

Learn how to connect with the dolphins. Dial into their address and access information. Meet your own personal dolphin guide. Tap into the dolphin/angelic field of consciousness with the power to instantly heal, clear, manifest  and play! Allow your divine inner child to be seen and heard. Clear and align your chakras, feel grounded, connected to source and fully and safely open your heart.

Early Bird Special Rate of
Join Now and save $999 on the total price of the retreat!

The Lemuria Remembered Retreat is Led by Your GuidesKatrina Armstrong & Jeanne Russell.

Katrina Armstrong

Katrina is an activator of divine truth and limitless possibilities. She assists you with finding the magic in "everyday" life by providing an accepting & nurturing space with unparalleled access to the higher realms.

With 12+ years’ experience in human development, plus 1000s of hours invested in classes, programs, and deep inner journeys to strengthen her connection and to transcend many of the patterns, beliefs, and emotions that have plagued society for eons, she has honed in on her gifts and
gained great compassion.

One of the gifts that came from this deep journey was the ability to hear, see, sense, and feel those from the spirit world and those in other dimensions here on Earth such as elementals. She was also blessed with the ability to travel into people’s mind, body and soul to scan for imbalances and illness that are harbored within blocks. Every moment she evolves and awakens more to her true potential (you can too).
She serves as a bridge to help you learn to embody your higher self which will bring so much more joy, success and balance into your life and business. By accessing high vibe energies and frequencies, she is able to activate dormant potential within the DNA.

Katrina was not born awake, she had to travel a really rough road to get to the place she is at now on her spiritual journey. Born a highly sensitive, empathic child in a less than ideal situation she experienced tremendous abuse and neglect from her parents. As a young adult, she continued the pattern of abusive relationships, alcohol addiction, and low self-worth. She gave her power away to everything and everyone and felt like a victim without choice until she hit rock bottom and made a decision to change everything.
This lead to experiencing the kind of spiritual magic and power that she had only read about or heard about. The kind of power that creates spontaneous spiritual awakenings and transcendence. When it happened, she woke up a different person and was
finally at home in her soul.
Katrina is a multi-dimensional being that operates in and through the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. This is the frequency of embodied love and she brings it to life through movement, words, tones, light language, and high
vibrational energy transmissions.
The high vibrational space she holds allows you to release emotions, thoughts, fears, disease, or any other vibration that is keeping you from being who you are and doing what you are here to do in this world.

Her connections with the ancients’ spirits and ability to tap into the healing energies of the earth will provide a catalyst for
your transformation process.

Jeanne Russell

Jeanne Russell has been on her own journey of Healing, Transformation and Illumination since she was a little girl.  As a constant seeker of higher knowledge and higher levels of consciousness, she often sought out and worked with many masters and teachers. To learn more, she took many classes, workshops and seminars on healing, intuition, the law of attraction, yoga, meditation, Chi Gong, Reiki, Channeling, Access Consciousness, and other forms of conscious awareness.  She has studied with Doreen Virtue, Ester Hicks, Gregg Braden, Kryon, Bashar, Master Hong, Hawaiian Energy Healers and Amrit Desai.

Of all the mentors Jeanne has worked with, her greatest teachers have been the dolphins and her connection to the dolphin consciousness.  From observing dolphins, swimming with dolphins and meditating on the dolphins, they have helped her to expand and grow exponentially both
spiritually and emotionally.

Jeanne is especially connected to and always touch by the dolphin’s unconditional love, their never-ending joy and their forever playful spirit! “The dolphins have taught me to Open my Heart and Surrender. Even when I am not with them, I can connect to their vibration and their Joy. They have shown me the address to their energetic connection to the cosmic grid. They bring an Inner Peace and a remind us that we have choice!”
—Jeanne Russell Jeanne’s vision of a Healing Center devoted to the Energy and Vibration of the Dolphin came to her one night while doing Reiki on her husband. David, Jeanne’s husband, had nerve injury on all four of his extremities and was in a lot of pain.

One beautiful evening on the island of Kauai, Hawaii  while doing a Reiki Session on her husband, Jeanne felt the presence of dolphins surround her. She was filled with so much love that tears started to flow down her cheeks as she continued running energy on her husband.  After the session, her husband jumped up from the table and exclaimed, "What did you do?" David remarked that he had never felt better. His problem subsided and he was cured of his afflictions.

Ever since that time, the dolphins have been assisting Jeanne in her healing sessions. The dolphin energy is what she  offers it to her clients. To connect others to this beautiful healing energy, Jeanne has created a new healing modality called Dolphin Touch TherapyTM which can be performed in the ocean, on the Mermaid Water Massage Table or via skype with her clients.

You can participate and transform your life. For $1999 you will secure your space. This space is limited and all payment options disappear on September 15th. So Don't wait on this!!

Beauty and transformation
surrounds with every step.

Relax and take in the beauty of Hawaii.
Forget about daily life and all of the stresses that accompany it. Your accommodations are provided for at the Courtyard Marriott at Coconut Beach during your participation in Lemuria Remembered. You’ll spend time at the beautiful Dolphin Touch Wellness Center, and have many opportunities to see the island and its treasures.

The Courtyard Marriott at Coconut Beach boasts: “With unparalleled views of the mountains and the ocean, and a breathtaking location on the Emerald Island, you will experience a memorable getaway to the Courtyard Kaua'i at Coconut Beach. You have the opportunity to relax in a resort with a beautiful beachfront location, and guest rooms featuring complimentary high-speed wireless Internet, in room refrigerators, and private lanais allowing you to soak up the Hawaiian sun. When you stay on the Emerald Island you'll have easy access to the best of both worlds, with stunning ocean views and premier island attractions, shopping, and restaurants. Guests are welcome to experience new heights of relaxation in a sparkling pool and whirlpool, surrounded by lounge chairs, hammocks, and fire pits, laid out along the beauty of Coconut Beach. Savor culinary delights and signature drinks at Voyager Lanai Dining and Makai lounge, located right on sight when you step into the warm aloha spirit of our gorgeous oceanfront resort and spa.”


You will be spending time at the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center
(about ten minutes from the hotel.)
Dolphin Touch Wellness Center’s mission is to help people live more joyful, playful lives.  “Dolphin Energetics” channeled by the center's founder, Jeanne Russell, connects people with the energy and vibration of dolphins and whales. This connection allows you to tap into the energy of curiosity, love, laughter & a thirst for life’s adventures. The dolphins and whales teach us about breath, overcoming fears, love, family, community and just how to have fun! Their love and joy crosses all language and cultural boundaries, as they exhibit an important universal truth—We Are All One!

Connect to their beautiful energy and vibration of love and light with your Lemurian family and share the spirit and the knowledge of the Dolphins & Whales.

$1999 is all that’s needed to secure your place in such an incredible retreat.

Are you ready to turn your life around in the best way possible?

Praise from Clients

Phyllis Trammell

“If you are interested in reaching your Highest Divine Potential, I highly recommend Katrina Armstrong. A powerful instrument of God during this auspicious time on earth. She has an innate ability to heal through holding space and energy for others. All the while exuding an air of calm that is very uplifting! Channeling dynamic frequency encodings of sound and light that adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs, in the moment. Initiating clearing, balancing, activating and aligning with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Katrina Armstrong humbly offers activations, cellular release, channeling, and more, as she anchors Love into the Earth! She is amazing!”

Demo DiMartile

“Jeanne is amazing! She has such a healing presence with a deep commitment and compassion to serve the needs of everyone. I've had tons of sessions and my experience with Jeanne at Dolphin Touch was phenomenal. She is a powerful healer with a very giving nature and a Gem on Kauai. I highly would recommend her services.”

Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong Emotional Stabilizer and Green Educator

“Katrina Armstrong is an extremely gifted inter-galactic communicator and collaborator. She effectively enlists celestial entities to achieve designed goals. Empowering tools were revealed to me within 24 hours of her workshop to catalyze the growth of my life and strengthen the services in my business. Thank you for spirit for placing in my path the opportunity to work with Katrina."

M. Hazlewood

“Jeanne took me on a magical journey of sensation, vibration and sound with the dolphins. When she finished I got up from the mermaid ocean table feeling like a whole new person, with a brighter vision of the world.”

The value you receive from Lemuria Remembered is immeasurable in its truest sense.

This shift will change your life and you can participate
in this no-where else offered event for only$3,999.

Secure Your Spot today for $1999.

Payment Plan: We offer a 2 payment plan option
with no additional fees included. This is available till September 15th.

Frequently Asked Questions

The retreat is mostly all inclusive. The accommodations are fully provided, as well as most meals. You will be responsible for dinner on Day 3 and breakfast and lunch on Day 4. The retreat is mostly all inclusive. The accommodations are fully provided, based on double occupancy. If you would like to upgrade to single occupany, please let us know at info@dolphintouch.org.  Most meals are provided.  You will be responsible for dinner on Day 3 and breakfast and lunch on Day 4. You will receive a $20 voucher for the restaurant at the Courtyard Marriott for dinner on Day 3. Airfare IS NOT PROVIDED.
The food will be fresh organic when possible—organic soup, organic local greens salad, and dessert.
Yes, you will have most of Day 4 to adventure around the island, relax on the beach, take some time for yourself to journal or meditate by one of the beautiful waterfalls, or whatever your heart is calling for. There are optional events available during down time if you would like more opportunities for growth. These optional activities are:
  • ∞ An active adventure hike to the center of the island ($195/person—strenuous).
  • ∞ Private sessions done in the center of the island (price varies).
A detailed outline of each day & the time and place of events will be sent out several days prior to the retreat.
This is a transformational commitment. Therefore, you must be all in! While we do not offer refunds, extreme cases are open to review.
Do you feel a calling to assist in upleveling the planet? Have been searching for answers on who you are and what you’re here to accomplish but aren’t finding them in a conventional fashion? Does this retreat speak to your soul in a way that leaves you hungry for more? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, this retreat is for you. If you feel a pull to see the island or an inner knowing that this is where you should be, the retreat is right for you.
Yes. You must secure your spot with a deposit of $999. After that’s secured, there are different payment plans available, but it MUST be paid in full at least 6 weeks before the retreat.
Yes! Our goal is to create a worldwide network of activated Lemurians. We will be following up with everyone to create a community, so that you will always have the support and guidance of your soul family.

If You Are Ready to See the Power and Beauty You Have Within, Join Now. Space is Limited.

More Praise

Larry Paille

Jeanne Russell and the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center is an oasis of high-vibration energy on Kauai. I have been to a number of events and classes at the center and every one of the events has radiated positive energy. All the personnel at the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center radiate this energy, and that in and of itself, is very healing. After dealing with the stresses of everyday life, there is no better way to get re-centered and re-energized than spending some time at the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center. J eanne has created heaven on earth at the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center, and for that, I am immensely grateful!

Catherine Navarro

“Working with Katrina helped me see my potential in ways that I can't even describe. I see the way she holds space for my growth in both vision and energy and it's absolutely beautiful. I hope to be as generous with my vision and faith for others. Working with her has raised the bar for me with myself and other healers. I walk away forever changed in a good way. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity."

(Montana, U.S.)

“Jeanne facilitated an amazing healing experience on Kaua'i. I've participated in many healing modalities and this was unique and special; being weightless in the water allows Jeanne, the dolphin energy and Gaia to wash old stagnant thoughts and beliefs away. The state of calm and bliss post treatment was unreal and a most wonderful ending to a magical stay on a magnificent island! I highly recommend visiting Jeanne and the aquasacrial experience. Much love and light!”

Caroline Nixon

“Working with Katrina feels like coming home to total love and acceptance. Her spirit is powerful yet so loving. Her words are soothing and gentle, and the process is powerful. I am still feeling the effects of my time with Katrina weeks later. My one on one session was amazing. Her assessment of my energy was spot on, and together we were able to release a lot of out dated "stuff". Katrina is truly an embodiment of love and light and healing energy.”

Lemuria Remembered is a very rare opportunity

that is infused with so much value

This mostly all inclusive retreat is worth over $42,000 if we break down all that is offered. However we are so passionate and can clearly see the need for this level of transformation so we have made this available for only $3,999.

Here are the fun and simple ways that
you can secure your spot and legacy:

Early Bird Special

Your full investment saves you $889 and gets you into one of the
most powerful activations to date. This option will disappear on September 15th.

Simple 2 Payment Option

that $1999 will secure the spot and another payment of $1999
will complete the investment. This option goes away on September 15th.

Payment in Full will be the only option after September 15th.
So don't wait to join!

The combined skills of your hosts alone supercede the investment price of this several day event. Many others are recognizing how important it is to be in the presence of remembrance catalysts. Do you feel the call , too? Space is limited, so don’t wait any longer.


We are offering complimentary 30 minute breakthrough sessions to clarify if you are Lemurian and/or would greatly benefit from this retreat.

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